Chapter 1 The Dark Lord Ascending (Daily Ch by Ch review of Deathly Hallows)

Chapter 1

The Dark Lord Ascending

I’m already giddy. Look at that chapter title. Rowling is the rebirth of old Gothic novels and Castle Otranto and all the tropes of that long, forgotten genre. And she does it with style. We have all read the H.P. copy cats, and they’re lame, overwrought ghosts of Rowling. She is the only one that can do what she does.

Alright. This chapter, much like all the other H.P. books is all about reminding us who is what, and set up the story. The chapter opens up with the Dark Lord and all his cronies sitting around the table. And can I say, bummer…it’s one thing to serve the Dark Lord, its another thing to be in the war room helping him devise his evil strategic plan to overthrow the world. The awkwardness between Yaxley and Snape, then Voldermort and Malfoy is palpable.  Frankly, Wormtail has the easiest job in the whole lot, he needs keep Nagini’s food quiet, aka Charity Burbage.  Speaking of…What about Charity Burbage’s cry to Snape for help, who ignores her, then sits by while Nagini has her yum yums? Eeesh. It is one of those moments that we are reminded that H.P. is not just a kiddy story anymore.

– Kevin

One thought on “Chapter 1 The Dark Lord Ascending (Daily Ch by Ch review of Deathly Hallows)

  1. One of my favorite things about this first chapter is that is set Deathly Hallows off as different from the other books from the beginning. Rowling always started us off at Privet Drive but this time, we start with Voldemort. We see right off that this story is going to be more than just another year at Hogwarts. I liked her subtleties in this chapter. You know, the way that Charity Burbage floating above the dinner table is kind of a postscript until you get to the end of the chapter.

    I also appreciate Snape’s position a lot more than I did on first reading. It has to be hard to do nothing to help Professor Burbage so that he doesn’t portray his position.

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