(What you should know) Chapter by Chapter Review of Deathly Hallows

What you should know before you go forward. These reviews of Harry Potter and the
Deathly Hallows are not given from the crow’s nest of a literary critic. While I can get
a bit literary on Guys Can Read, these will be the reviews of a fan (raving at times) of
one of my most favorite books, and the author who sparked my desire to awaken the
dormant writer in me. The review will be filled with observations, questions, personal
reflections and yes, some criticism, especially when Hallows starts to draaaaag on, but
I will not be rating Deathly Hallows. This review is all about being swept away by one of
the best series on the planet.
Oh, and these are “mini-reviews”, so they will be short. Just a paragraph or two. Hey. Its
thirty six chapters long WITH an epilogue!
But the most important part of these reviews? YOUR thoughts and responses to the
chapters as we move along. I really don’t care so much about what I think, cause, you
know, I already know what I think :). What’s more important is hearing what you think.

– Kevin

3 thoughts on “(What you should know) Chapter by Chapter Review of Deathly Hallows

  1. *Stuck with Harry till The End*
    That’s the slogan I’m trying to superimpose on my snarky profile pic for D-Day.

    So, yes…huge fan….tendency to yell *Riddikulus!!!* at the most inappropriate moments….and inspired to be a writer after reading “Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone”.

    Am reading the first book and the last instalment simultaneously…so it promises to be a happy overdose. Looking forward to your mini-reviews.

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