Chapter 5 Fallen Warrior (Daily Ch by Ch review of Deathly Hallows)

Chapter 5 Fallen Warrior

Spoiler Alert. If you haven’t read the chapter, then stop! Go back, read it, and then please return and share your thoughts and reviews.

The big revelation of this chapter was that Voldermort picked off Mad-Eye. Truly, we have the full gamut of deaths in only two chapters. First, a pitiful delivery owl is killed, and then the grittiest, most ruthless Auror was taken out. By chapter five, our hero has already counted the cost, and concludes he cannot put everyone at risk again.

Can’t blame him.

George is down an ear, Hagrid looked good and dead for a moment. Not to mention no one can trust each other, and have to be quizzed every time they walk through the door. The OOTF is no match for both the Death Eaters and a flying Voldermort.

The only good thing that came out of their mission was the realization that H.P.’s wand seems to have a mind of its own when in battle with Voldermort. while Hermoine and Ron are holding back the chosen one, this bespectacled lightning scarred boy has to strike out on his own sooner or later.

Alright. What do you think about chapter 5?

2 thoughts on “Chapter 5 Fallen Warrior (Daily Ch by Ch review of Deathly Hallows)

  1. I liked meeting Tonks’ parents in this chapter. I thought it was good writing on Rowling’s part because she showed us up front that this battle that Harry’s fighting was impacting more than just the people we saw in Harry’s everyday life. Tonks’ parents are worried about their daughter and Harry feels the guilt over putting them in that position. Of course, Harry is a bit self-center as he seems to think it’s all about him and forgets that if there wasn’t the big, bad evil Voldemort out there, nobody would care whether or not he was The Chosen One. I understand Harry’s pressure and guilt but I hate the way he has such a hard time accepting the help of those that love and care about him and want to defeat Voldemort. Harry needs to learn that he can’t fight the battle by himself.

    • I agree. It is frustrating to see how self-centered Harry seems about all of this. While OOTP may not be able to help him, his distancing himself from his friends has always been a problem for Harry. It does show that he has forgotten what this whole thing is about. Its not about him, its about the future of the wizarding world.
      BTW – Thanks for all your responses. Solid reviews. 🙂

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