Chapter 7 The will of Albus Dumbledore (Daily Ch by Ch review of Deathly Hallows)

Spoiler Alert. If you haven’t read the chapter, then stop! Go back, read it, and then please return and share your thoughts and reviews.

This chapter is why I fell in love with Harry Potter: Rowling’s wizarding world. It is an unending encyclopedic world where snitches have flesh memories and we have to remember the difference between Gregorovich and Gorgovitch. While the wizarding world is much more cool and whimsical in Hogwarts than the Burrows, still, Rowling is a craftsmanwoman of the highest order when it comes to world building.

Random question to Rowling. Hey Rowling. How come Ginny can’t come on these Harry Potter adventures. Honestly, I had always thought Hermoine was much more Harry’s type, if only the fact that she was AROUND. Rowling once said it should have been obvious Ginny and Harry belonged together cause Ginny was feisty or something like that. Sorry. Don’t buy it. If she is so feisty, then why does she seem like a wallflower, and how come she always chills out while the trio tromp around, discovering clues and whatnot.

Oh, right. Chapter seven. O.K. In short, our heroes are receiving their magical instruments by way of Dumbledore’s will. While they seem non-sequitor, we can all suppose the clues will play a vital part in their mission.

Alright. What do you think of chapter seven?


One thought on “Chapter 7 The will of Albus Dumbledore (Daily Ch by Ch review of Deathly Hallows)

  1. You have to admit that Ron’s big, protective, older brother routine is pretty funny also. He doesn’t want to upset his best friend but at the same time doesn’t want his little sister hurt. I was glad to see him take a little stand with Harry here because I was pretty upset when Harry broke it off with Ginny, too, and didn’t let her come along. Ginny is a smart witch. I did think that Harry would end up with Hermoine for the longest just because Ginny didn’t figure into the books that much and Hermoine was the female lead. I couldn’t see the sidekick (a/k/a Ron) ending up with the girl. I guess that was Rowling’s only option for both Harry and Ron to end up with a girl.

    Speaking of world building, wasn’t it cool how in the seventh book, Rowling introduced new things that we hadn’t really heard much (if anything) about up to this point – did you know patronuses could deliver warnings? What about the fairy tales that every wizard knows about except apparently the Muggle-born?

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