Chapter Eight The Wedding (Daily Ch by Ch review of Deathly Hallows)

Spoiler Alert. If you haven’t read the chapter, then stop! Go back, read it, and then please return and share your thoughts and reviews.

Chapter eight. Bill and Fleur get hitched, but more importantly (as we know these scenes are a vehicle to give us more hints and clues to the plot) we learn about Xenophilius’ strange pendant and more back story of Albus Dumbledore. Of course, Dumbledore is once again presented in two, extremely different versions. Doge maintains his glowing, saint like view of Dumbledore while Aunt Muriel takes up Rita Skeeter’s mantle of a dark, power hungry Dumbledore. This time we key in on Dumbledore’s sister, Ariana. Aunt Muriel tells a seemingly twisted story hinting that someone in Dumbledore’s family killed her sister for being a squib. Was it the mother? Was it Albus? Who?

While Potter is confused by these horribly varied accounts of Dumbledore’s life, I find myself naïve and the eternal optimist. Much like

Doge, I want/need/insist that Dumbledore is the good, wise wizard I knew him to be in the Sorcerer’s Stone. In fact, I don’t know if I ever grew up from those first four books where Hogwarts was a safe, albeit wild magical world where one can fly on broomsticks and conquer baskilisks with some plucky courage and a bit of luck. In fact, I find myself at the Cedric Diggory wall. I’m sure most of you know what I’m talking about – the moment that the very first Hogwart’s student (in Potter’s time) was killed. On the other side of that wall lay the Order of the Pheonix, Half-Blood Prince, Deathly Hallows and a loss of innocence – frankly a loss of innocence that I haven’t been willing to accept. Probably why I still get annoyed at Harry Potter’s angst and broodiness. Don’t get me wrong. Any person should be broody and self-centered after witnessing the death of Diggory. But for me, its when the series changed and Hogwarts was no longer a safe, fun place for the escapist child in me.

Alright. What do you think of chapter eight?



One thought on “Chapter Eight The Wedding (Daily Ch by Ch review of Deathly Hallows)

  1. I had never heard the term about the Cedric Diggory wall but I knew exactly what you were talking about when I read it. That is the turning place when it’s end of the innocence for our characters. I had a hard time in this last book reconciling the protective, wise Dumbledore with the flawed, and a little bit power hungry Dumbledore that comes out in Deathly Hallows.

    As for Chapter 8, I seem to remember being impatient with this chapter the first time I read the book. I couldn’t understand why so much time was being spent on the wedding of a character that didn’t really play into the story much up until the last book. Now I see it as just a medium for Rowling to let us know those pieces of Dumbledore’s past. But I did love the humor: the ridiculous Aunt Muriel, Luna not being fooled for a minute by Harry’s disguise (is she not the best backup character ever?) and then her eccentric father Xenophilius and Viktor Krum (his jealousy and anger were both great).

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