Chapter 12 Magic is Might (Daily Ch by Ch review of Deathly Hallows)

Chapter 12 Magic is Might

Alright. They’ve managed to get the truth out of Mundungus – Umbridge has it at the Ministry of Magic. The big takeaway in this chapter is the carved muggles under the witch and wizard like some creepy scene out of Dante’s inferno. This faux nazi recreation has probably done more for my dread of Voldermort than Nagini ever did.

Here is what I really liked about the chapter. Our trio has been passive to this point. Reacting, responding, and being chased. Now, they have a plan – they are active. The kids finally do something! But more so, we have our very first trio adventure. There was always something different and cool when H+H and Ron put their heads together to figure out the mystery of the whomping willow or try to get past the three headed dog. And I guess I can say I’m a sucker for ensembles such as Ocean’s Eleven. We also know Harry’s journey is about finding a new family, since Voldermort took away his last one. His time at Hogwarts, hanging out with the Weasley’s and the trio and Sirius Black created a family for him – a place to belong. And honestly, that is the magic of these books. Above all else, we feel like we’ve been accepted into Hogwarts, and into a magical family.

Your thoughts?


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