Nikolas and Company teams up with Goodfellow Public School’s Literacy Program

When Julie Johnson told me that she would be using my book in her 7th and 8th grade literacy program, I began to wonder if there was something more an author could do to encourage them in their reading–Really, I had to do something. It was in the classroom under Mrs. McCombs that my passion for reading ignited. So Julie and I put our heads together and came up with a pretty cool plan. Then, I wrote them this letter:

To Mrs. Johnson’s grade 7/8 students,

Your teacher, Mrs. Johnson, just showed me your pictures of Nikolas and Company and all I can say is, awesome! I am so impressed by your drawings and desire to read that I’ve decided to make it worth your while.

There are so many things about Nikolas and Company that you don’t know yet.

Like the power of jynn’us – every person has a power hidden inside all of them, and when they breathe the air of Mon, it will be awakened. Some have the power to call weapons out of thin air, others can destroy an entire airship with the blink of an eye. Then, there’s all the various kinds of fantastic creatures: creachlings, elflings, fairlings, humlings, unlings, biglings, midglings, and plantlings. Each kind has their own set of creatures and monsters. For example, under the plantling kind, there is a terrible monster that is part tree and part spider. (A hint: Don’t be fooled by one of its juicy looking fruits.) Would you like to be the first to know more about the thousands of different creatures and inner-powers? Well, you will. For every week that you listen to and draw along with Nikolas and Company, I will unlock another Mon mystery on my website just for you.
Simply visit and click on “Mon Mysteries.”(

Read on!


Every week, Julie is going to post the students’ “visual doodles” on her blog. When she posts it, they will receive a Mon Mystery “unlock.” There are hundreds of different creatures, powers, elixirs, and moments in Mon’s history that have never been revealed to the public. They will be unlocked and revealed to Mrs. Johnson’s 7th and 8th grade class of Goodfellow Public School.
I’m excited about this to say the least.

To learn more about Julie Johnson’s literacy program, visit her blog:

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