Be still oh universe…my very first Amazon review

At approximately 8:30 this morning, Nikolas and Company received it’s very first Amazon review.

What should I do? Should I sit? Stand? Climb a short run of stairs in cotton sweat pants and jacket, raising my fists to the air whilst some dude sings about eyes and tigers?

I would definitely recommend Nikolas and Company: A Creature Most Foul. Kevin has created a fun, unique fantasy world full of magic and adventure… read the rest of the review here (

Most of you are thinking, “big deal? You’ve gotten other reviews.” Yeah. But this is my first Amazon review – a four star review to be exact. Goodreads is nice, and so is Shelfari, but they ain’t no Amazon. Not by a long shot. And it was a spectacular review. Everything I wanted Nikolas and Company to be, he commended. Also, he wisely didn’t gush on and on about how we’re just the bestest of friends and how he would take a bullet for me (actually, we are acquaintances through other fields). I know mothers can’t help it, but casually reminding everyone in the review: “That’s my son. Everything he does is precious!! You should see my refrigerator door collection…” Well, let’s just say it doesn’t help potential readers.

That said, I just might print out the review and ask my mom to add it to her refrigerator door collection.


2 thoughts on “Be still oh universe…my very first Amazon review

  1. Mothers are indeed awesome creations. It is when that Refrigerator door no longer bears our Iconography that we have to worry though.
    I can remember once asking my own Font of Wisdom “Mom, when am I going to feel like a Grown Up?”
    To which she replied “Hopefully some time long after I do!”

    Keep up the good works, and make write the wrongs!
    Loren (yep it means “Lost” in Latin) Foster

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