Running my book off…

I’m flabby.

If you’re a writer, you probably know what I’m talking about. The infamous book belly.  7 to 10 hours of sitting in one spot and writing, coupled with too much half-in-half and honey in never ending cups of coffee and you get book belly.  Here’s the thing. As a writer, I already have so many things working against me. Heck, I cut myself off from normal human relationships and talk to people in my head, daily. Do I really need a sedentary life style, low metabolism, diabetic risk and high blood pressure to boot?

So, I’m gonna run my book off.

I am signing up for the Big D half marathon on April 15th, which means I’ve got a lot of running to do.

But it’s way more fun to do it with people who can keep me accountable, especially other writers. Are you in the same place? You know, climbing a flight of stairs, and then dizzily looking around for an oxygen tank? Wanna keep each other accountable? You don’t have to run. Maybe just walking every day or training for some hike up macchu picchu or something – just something to keep oneself, frankly, a better writer. I’ll be posting updates. At first they’ll be far and few between. But they’ll increase as race day approaches. You can respond and tell me where you’re at on your goal. Even make April 15th your goal date if you want.

Let me know how you’re gonna “exercise your book off” down below.


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5 thoughts on “Running my book off…

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    • I’ve done some longer runs. Ten miles is the longest I believe. Looking forward to it. I used to have a little dog walking business and college. And yes, it kept me quite fit. Especially the border collie.

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