Why I wrote Nikolas and Company…

There are dozens of motivations for writing Nikolas and Company. And really, my reasons have changed and fluctuated to the point that I could never fully answer the question. But as our culture continues on it’s course, I am reminded of some important themes in Nikolas’ story that have become very important for me. I call it “The Art of Saving”.

Our world’s a mess. We know it. And everyone is trying to save it. Nikolas enters a magical city that is also a mess, and he sees himself as the one called to save it. Unfortunately for the city, Nikolas doen’t know what he’s doing because he has never been taught to save. There is something to being a hero, something that I think we’ve forgotten. Our heroes today want a marketing campaign. They want sponsors and constituents; they want to be the center point of their heroism.

They want a well crafted brand.

But the great heroes? Well, we’ll never meet them. The greatest heroes know their strength isn’t for a broader platform; rather, their strength is to be poured out into those around them. Call it “hero juice” or “hero power”, but whatever you call it, a true hero takes their power and gives it to the people around him or her, creating more heroes. Our generation will not be saved with campaigns and slogans and movements; it’ll be saved when heroes push their heroism into those standing RIGHT NEXT TO THEM. Consider hundreds of thousands of hero-mothers endowing their children to become meaningful and vibrant human beings on our planet; tens of thousands of hero-employers risking their businesses by letting employees contribute their own ideas, vision, and talent; thousands of hero-civic leaders abandoning their political career aspirations so they can do what it takes to govern; millions of hero-people loving one another until our country/people/planet is saved.

Nikolas isn’t the only hero of the story. In fact, if he wants to save Huron, he has to give his heroism away, letting it be the tinder that ignites all the heroes around him.

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