2. Things. 1. I’m sick. 2. I get the privilege and honor of conducting a wedding…

2 things.

1. I’m sick. Crud led to congestion led to concerns of mono, pneumonia and the bubonic plague.

2. I am meeting to discuss(via phone) with a friend who has asked me to officiate his wedding. They’re getting married in March. This is an absolute honor. I’m a fan of marriage. What other relationship do we set out to give more than we get. Dismantle self to allow room for the other. Become the hingepoint of human’s history to continue its march of life. Give the second peanut butter cup to the doe-eyed spouse…sometimes.

So, I rummaged through the back of my rolltop desk and found my pastor badge, clipped it on, and said, “yes”.

More so, I find myself a bit amused by the cata corner of the ensuing conversation. In one corner I will be chockful of meds. These pills and syrups will be like siege gates, holding back the disease as it rumbles between glands and sinus and lungs. In the other corner, I will be talking to my friend about the sacred affair of marriage, love and the rest of their lives.

Life, I find, is a cata corner at times. A place where bad keeps showing up when good is present. Like an uninvited younger brother, bad wants to “play too!” I wish good could get on without the bad, but its not possible, not now anyway. So the work of life for me is to let the tension be, and enjoy my time with my friends this afternoon.


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