An Excerpt from Nikolas and Co: The Merman and The Moon Forgotten

“Greeow!” the mist cried. Lir reeled in a black mass with hundreds of red eyes and an acrid smell. The harpoon tore through its stomach, and the creature burst into filthy smoke as it tumbled over.

“What are they, sir?” Yeri said. The monster had been so close Lir could have hugged it, yet the fog hid its shape.

Lir looked ready to speak, but his mouth stayed shut.

Red eyes appeared before them. Lir cocked the whip. Suddenly another creature grabbed the cord from behind and Lir was dragged to the back of the coach. At the last moment he anchored himself into an exposed ribbing. “Gaah!” He cried. His tail was being shredded by the stony ground underneath.

With the whip still in his hand, the merman’s muscles exploded from neck to shoulder as he flung the monster ahead of the stagecoach. Monstrous screams were cut short by the solid end of a spruce tree.

Lir heaved himself to the seat and pointed to an outcropping. “Just beyond Constance Cove, that’s our destination.”

“Lesterton’s Point sir? But—”

“Trust me, Yeri.”

The horses swung right and seaward.

“Sir. There is nothing here but ocean below.”

“Ride hard, sir.”

“But the cliff?”

“Do not stop!”

The stagecoach leapt into the gut of mist, leaving the ground behind. The horse reached out with its forelegs for hope.

“Sweet Huron!” Yeri yelled.

Buy Nikolas and Company: The Merman and The Moon Forgotten March 31st


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