Announcing a new Nikolas and Co series with Mike Perna!

I seriously was going to hurt someone if I had to wait another day to announce this. We are launching a new Nikolas and Co series officially titled: The Further Adventures of Nikolas and Company

While the first series, Nikolas and Company, will continue to follow the storyline of Nikolas and his friends, the Further Adventures series will be related to the pantheon of favorite characters readers have grown to love. As many of you know, these books are chockful of characters that could have their own series. This is not by accident. I think that every character that comes across the pages of a book should have their own story. I mean, haven’t you ever wanted to know why Malmedy the housekeeper loves a good cigar? This new episodic series will explore various characters and their exploits as we come to learn more about our fantastic moon and the mythological city of Mon.

But more importantly, the plan was to create such a vast world that I couldn’t possibly write all the stories myself. I’ve always been excited about the idea of bringing other authors with their own strengths and writing skills into the world of Mon. One character that I wanted to explore more was Ludwig the Toymaker. As a dwarf, he is symbolic of both their pernicious nature and love for metals, gears, and machine. More so, it made sense to me that Ludwig embodied the more steampunk elements of Huron. If any mythological race in a victorian society was developing steampunk artifacts, it had to be dwarves. So, I had to find a writer who understood both dwarf culture and steampunk. There was only one writer for that.

Mike Perna.

First time I met Mike, he was wearing a bowler hat. So much win there I could barely contain myself. When I began to read his work, I knew he was the only who could bring the character of Ludwig the Toymaker to the world.

Here is a bit more about him:

Mike Perna is the author of Tinker ( – a one year steampunk writing experiment about a late 1800s Manhattan divided by avarice and greed, and the young tinker who would rise up against the tyranny of the Uptown aristocracy.  He is currently adapting some of these stories into a novel.  He has worked with Kevin McGill previously to produce a short story entitled The Temple Knight and the Deep Woods Witch.  He looks forward to helping Kevin bring the dwarven culture of Mon to life in a whir of steam and brass.

More details to come on the publication for the first episode of The Further Adventures of Nikolas and Co, and the other authors who will add their own stories. But I promise you, rad doesn’t even begin to describe what’s to come.

And now, a sneak peek for Maker’s Privilege – The Further Adventures of Nikolas and Company:  

It was not long before the sound of longer, hurried strides clacked from behind him.  “Your creation is going to save lives you know, Ludwig,” Lyons said. “You should be proud. The Harynne are thankful for all your hard work I’m sure.”

“The Harynne are hopeless children playing with matches, and I’m the one, quite literally, who gave  spark to that fire.”  Ludwig choked on his words, escaping his mouth like black, lingering, coal fumes.   His gaze fell to the floor.  “I’m tired, Lyons. I’m so tired.”

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