Nikolas and Co gets 5 stars and Nikolas gets his first reader crush

5 stars from Elicia in Malaysia. And apparently Nikolas has received his first reader crush:

Apparently all the good parts in the book have alreadybeen said up there, so I will talk about how it is good. There’s nothing bad to say about this book, so you can guess what rating I’m giving this book.

It’s creative. I have never seen an author able to piece fantasy AND science fiction so perfectly. No flaws, just
perfection. It’s just plain genius of the author to think of such a plot. Nobody but him can think that Earth and the Moon are brother planets and people really live on the Moon, or Mon.
Here’s some facts about Nikolas Lyons:
1. He’s smart.
2. He likes to invent stuff, which mostly sets fire to things or literally explodes.
3. I love him. ( Cut out all the ews ok?) I just do.
4. He’s MY hero…

(go here to read the rest of the review)

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