My reaction to Dallas Public Library adding 10 copies of Nikolas and Co

Yesterday I was walking with a buddy, catching up on life. He mentioned in passing that he saw 10 COPIES OF NIKOLAS AND CO ON DALLAS PUBLIC LIBRARY’S ONLINE CATALOGUE!!

My reaction was obvious:


So, a couple of reasons why I did the Cosby. First, libraries are a kind of Heaven on Earth for me. All those books. The smell of old paper. The sound of the librarian’s date stamper (which most don’t use anymore). I check out books there constantly. We’ve designated two shelves on our bookshelf just for “Kevin’s library hoarding disease”.

The other reason is that it’s difficult for indies to get their books into libraries. Even with the huge success of indie authors like Hugh Howey, the stigma still remains, which I completely understand. Librarians, in particular, see themselves as the guardians of literature, especially for kids. So, for DPL to order 10 copies of Nikolas and Co, well . . . you know:


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