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Chapter 12 Magic is Might (Daily Ch by Ch review of Deathly Hallows)

Chapter 12 Magic is Might

Alright. They’ve managed to get the truth out of Mundungus – Umbridge has it at the Ministry of Magic. The big takeaway in this chapter is the carved muggles under the witch and wizard like some creepy scene out of Dante’s inferno. This faux nazi recreation has probably done more for my dread of Voldermort than Nagini ever did.

Here is what I really liked about the chapter. Our trio has been passive to this point. Reacting, responding, and being chased. Now, they have a plan – they are active. The kids finally do something! But more so, we have our very first trio adventure. There was always something different and cool when H+H and Ron put their heads together to figure out the mystery of the whomping willow or try to get past the three headed dog. And I guess I can say I’m a sucker for ensembles such as Ocean’s Eleven. We also know Harry’s journey is about finding a new family, since Voldermort took away his last one. His time at Hogwarts, hanging out with the Weasley’s and the trio and Sirius Black created a family for him – a place to belong. And honestly, that is the magic of these books. Above all else, we feel like we’ve been accepted into Hogwarts, and into a magical family.

Your thoughts?

Chapter Eight The Wedding (Daily Ch by Ch review of Deathly Hallows)

Spoiler Alert. If you haven’t read the chapter, then stop! Go back, read it, and then please return and share your thoughts and reviews.

Chapter eight. Bill and Fleur get hitched, but more importantly (as we know these scenes are a vehicle to give us more hints and clues to the plot) we learn about Xenophilius’ strange pendant and more back story of Albus Dumbledore. Of course, Dumbledore is once again presented in two, extremely different versions. Doge maintains his glowing, saint like view of Dumbledore while Aunt Muriel takes up Rita Skeeter’s mantle of a dark, power hungry Dumbledore. This time we key in on Dumbledore’s sister, Ariana. Aunt Muriel tells a seemingly twisted story hinting that someone in Dumbledore’s family killed her sister for being a squib. Was it the mother? Was it Albus? Who?

While Potter is confused by these horribly varied accounts of Dumbledore’s life, I find myself naïve and the eternal optimist. Much like

Doge, I want/need/insist that Dumbledore is the good, wise wizard I knew him to be in the Sorcerer’s Stone. In fact, I don’t know if I ever grew up from those first four books where Hogwarts was a safe, albeit wild magical world where one can fly on broomsticks and conquer baskilisks with some plucky courage and a bit of luck. In fact, I find myself at the Cedric Diggory wall. I’m sure most of you know what I’m talking about – the moment that the very first Hogwart’s student (in Potter’s time) was killed. On the other side of that wall lay the Order of the Pheonix, Half-Blood Prince, Deathly Hallows and a loss of innocence – frankly a loss of innocence that I haven’t been willing to accept. Probably why I still get annoyed at Harry Potter’s angst and broodiness. Don’t get me wrong. Any person should be broody and self-centered after witnessing the death of Diggory. But for me, its when the series changed and Hogwarts was no longer a safe, fun place for the escapist child in me.

Alright. What do you think of chapter eight?


Chapter 7 The will of Albus Dumbledore (Daily Ch by Ch review of Deathly Hallows)

Spoiler Alert. If you haven’t read the chapter, then stop! Go back, read it, and then please return and share your thoughts and reviews.

This chapter is why I fell in love with Harry Potter: Rowling’s wizarding world. It is an unending encyclopedic world where snitches have flesh memories and we have to remember the difference between Gregorovich and Gorgovitch. While the wizarding world is much more cool and whimsical in Hogwarts than the Burrows, still, Rowling is a craftsmanwoman of the highest order when it comes to world building.

Random question to Rowling. Hey Rowling. How come Ginny can’t come on these Harry Potter adventures. Honestly, I had always thought Hermoine was much more Harry’s type, if only the fact that she was AROUND. Rowling once said it should have been obvious Ginny and Harry belonged together cause Ginny was feisty or something like that. Sorry. Don’t buy it. If she is so feisty, then why does she seem like a wallflower, and how come she always chills out while the trio tromp around, discovering clues and whatnot.

Oh, right. Chapter seven. O.K. In short, our heroes are receiving their magical instruments by way of Dumbledore’s will. While they seem non-sequitor, we can all suppose the clues will play a vital part in their mission.

Alright. What do you think of chapter seven?

Chapter 6 Ghoul in Pajamas (Daily Ch by Ch review of Deathly Hallows)

Spoiler Alert. If you haven’t read the chapter, then stop! Go back, read it, and then please return and share your thoughts and reviews.

First question. Shouldn’t Hermoine add the ill proper of ghoul treatment to S.P.E.W? Poor ghoul, all locked up, dressed in little boy’s pajamas and having to trudge around with the Weasleys.

I have always sided with the kids in YA/MG fantasy. When the question was, whether they should take on a dark Lord or stay at home with the parents, I always rooted for operation: destroy the dark Lord.  But this time…well, I felt for Mrs. Weasley. Especially since no one else was on her side – even her husband, Arthur. He is her baby, her offspring, her beloved, who is only twelve years out from being properly potty trained, about to saddle up with The Boy Who Lived to Defeat the Voldermort. Arguably, Ron is her favorite since he is her youngest boy (but the movie played it out that she gave Harry more preferential treatment). Anyway, my heart goes out to you Mrs. Weasley.

Alright. What do you think about chapter 6?

Chapter 5 Fallen Warrior (Daily Ch by Ch review of Deathly Hallows)

Chapter 5 Fallen Warrior

Spoiler Alert. If you haven’t read the chapter, then stop! Go back, read it, and then please return and share your thoughts and reviews.

The big revelation of this chapter was that Voldermort picked off Mad-Eye. Truly, we have the full gamut of deaths in only two chapters. First, a pitiful delivery owl is killed, and then the grittiest, most ruthless Auror was taken out. By chapter five, our hero has already counted the cost, and concludes he cannot put everyone at risk again.

Can’t blame him.

George is down an ear, Hagrid looked good and dead for a moment. Not to mention no one can trust each other, and have to be quizzed every time they walk through the door. The OOTF is no match for both the Death Eaters and a flying Voldermort.

The only good thing that came out of their mission was the realization that H.P.’s wand seems to have a mind of its own when in battle with Voldermort. while Hermoine and Ron are holding back the chosen one, this bespectacled lightning scarred boy has to strike out on his own sooner or later.

Alright. What do you think about chapter 5?